I love, love, love photography (Do you?) . I love photographs layered in deep moods, introspection, intrigue and sensuality.

I am touched by images that are felt more than looked at, that’s the level of emotional complexity that I try to bring to each and every photograph I take.


My personality and approach behind the lens is a striking contrast to the intensiveness of my work. I like to bring a strong-earthed but calm and assuring approach to create a close subject-photographer connections that are essential to achieve excellent photographs.


I had the luck to grow up in Florence and constantly surrounded by the beauty of Tuscany art treasures and masters who have designed the collective imagery of Tuscany places and landscapes, so that my eye was shaped from an early age.

As a teenager, I was given my first camera, and with it came the desire to create. In love with the photographic poetry of the Russian director Andrej Arsen’evič Tarkovskij, I started to spend most of free time exploring Tuscany and landing a few small editorial gigs, and it came time to get few training, but soon after I wasted but one day before moving into hundreds of travels around the five continents, where while shooting landscapes, people, ceremonies, I had the chance to shot several events of different religious beliefs.


I spent years learning the photography industry while living and traveling through Asia, Australia and the Americas. Still today I am delving into photography, multidisciplinary, fond of images without much artificial additives but with a large dose of spontaneity. I love photography as a mean to capture spontaneous moments and express my creativity. So it comes with no surprises, that your event as a whole is the focus of my work. You and your guests, the action, the mood of the day are what I strive to capture in a fresh, natural and elegant way.

My style of graphic imagery exposes my subjects with a sense of truth and realism and my ultimate goal is to achieve a deep but nevertheless natural connection between the subject and me the viewer.
This connection, combined with crisp lighting and dynamic angles, results in imagery that is powerful and engaging.
Although I most enjoys working with people as my subjects, I am constantly working to move forward and adapt my vision to take on the next new challenge.

More about me …
Photography has been a truly wonderful, happy accident for me, as I assume that the path from tech to traveler to photographer is a less traveled road. But ever since getting my hands on my first camera at seven I have known it is what I was meant to do.

While I hope to leave behind a comprehensive, moving and powerful body of work, ultimately I am measuring my path by the relationships formed with designers, clothing lines, agencies and models I see along the way. Because in the end, it’s all about the journey, a journey that includeds more traditional stops as well: formal education in photography and post-production.

Stefano Borghi is an editorial / wedding photographer @ myitalianweddingphotos.com and web designer ( here @ motionminded.com) based in Florence , Italy.